Viewer Performance Guide

The Country Songwriters show aims to deliver superior-quality, memorable performances for artists, entertainers, and audiences alike. We take a lot of time and care in preparing for each performance to make it successful.

This brief performance guide is intended to give you – the viewer – helpful insight on what to expect, and how to best prepare for a great show, whether you’re watching in your home, office, hotel, or on the road.

One very important thing to know as you begin is that each of The Country Songwriters Community Stages requires a separate user account. This is done for stage performance reporting. However, you can use the same username and password for each. So, please register for each Community Stage separately when you're ready to view a show.

Aside from that, there are just a few key things to keep in mind, and we have detailed them for you below.

Your Internet Connection and Router

Our platform is designed to adjust to the Internet bandwidth capabilities of each audience member. However, when streaming audio and video you want to be on the best Internet connection possible.

A wired Internet connection is normally better than wireless if you have a tested cable connection from a reliable, quality Internet service provider. In most instances, you will have better all-around performance with a wired connection. However, with that said, there are still many places in the U.S. and globally where your mobile phone’s Internet connection will be better than a wired connection.

The bottom line is as a viewer you want the fastest download speed possible, with the lowest latency and the lowest data packet loss possible. (When you are streaming content to viewers you want the fastest upload speed possible, with the lowest latency and the lowest data packet loss possible.)

Sites such as can be helpful in running a basic test to determine your situation. However, understand that the results can change quickly depending upon a variety of factors. For example, running a test when you are the only one using your Internet connection, versus doing so when you and three others are connected and downloading content, will show vastly different results. When watching a show, you will want to minimize other’s use of your Internet connection if possible.

Regardless of a wired or wireless connection, the router you connect to is critical to maximizing the quality of your Internet experience. Your router needs to be able to handle your demands. It needs a quick, multi-core processor and plenty of RAM. If it is a WI-FI router you will also want to make sure it has high-quality, multi-frequency radios and antenna. Routers should be upgraded frequently to keep pace with changing technology and your expanding needs. Often, they are forgotten and can become the weak link in your Internet experience.

Your Viewing Device

With a solid Internet connection, you can watch video streams on your computer, tablet, Smart TV, or smartphone. However, to optimize the quality of your viewing and listening experience, you will want to be sure your device has enough processing power, graphics and sound capability, and memory to be up to the task. Plus, a high-quality screen and speakers are key.

Not all viewing devices are created equal. For example, if you have an older computer, but a brand-new Apple iPhone, the smartphone may be your best choice. To watch on a larger screen in this situation, simply get an HDMI adapter for your smartphone and plug it into your Smart TV.

Viewing a Performance

This is the step we have all been waiting for. For all on demand performances, it is as simple as creating an account, logging in, completing your purchase, and watching the show when you are ready. For live performances, it is very simple too.

However, there is a countdown involved.

The first step to getting access to a future live performance is logging in to your account. There will always be a countdown clock on the show’s performance window until the show begins. You can purchase access to the show as much in advance of the show as you like.

After you complete a purchase, the countdown clock will remain on the screen, but you will see the word “purchased” also. This verifies you have your access ticket to the future live show.

When the countdown clock disappears, the live show will begin. Remember, it is live, so anything can happen. There is a lot of anticipation on both sides of the camera. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Or, stand up, jump around, and enjoy the show. Whatever makes you happy – go with that.

Most shows will include a group chat. This will allow you to communicate with other fans that are tuned in. It will also allow you to interact with the performer when they are ready. Additionally, there will be links to the performer’s website, socials, and their personal tip jar. Tips are always appreciated when deserved.

After a live performance, if you are interested in a copy of the show, there is a good chance that a recording will be made available for purchase. Sometimes it will be immediate. Sometimes it will be later.

Of course, if you have any questions at all please contact us for assistance and we will be happy to help. We thank you for your support of the artists and entertainers showcased here.